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Jan 26, 2022

Roll to Go

To-Go Sack is like a peper bag that you roll the end to open and close, but this is even more practical than that. It has velcro for easy operation so it’s suitable for outdoor use or for during sports. You can keep it compact when you don’t use. It has a removable insole so it’s nice as a lunch bag to carry your bento box, however, please note it doesn’t keep cool. Unisex and for daily use because of the brand’s minimal logo and basic colorways.

The insole is removable so you keep it compact when you don’t use.

It opens widely so it’s easy to look into the bag and take out what you keep inside. It’s versatile and has so many usage such as for camping, sports, as lunch bag and so on. In any cases, light-weight nylon bag is nice to carry every day.

We have matching products such as Bucket Tote and other pouches in the range.

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