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Jan 19, 2022

Sticky Memo Pad to be Well Organized

Sticky Memo Pads from penco are much functional for scheduling. With weekly format you can oversee your plan of the week, and monthly works well as to list up daily to-do. As an alternative of planner, you can use when needed. Otherwise, it would help you when you want a bit more on your on-the-go planner or notebook because of the free schedule format. We love to keep it on the desktop monitor so we don’t forget important meeting or deadline. It includes 30sheets.

We have three colorways; white looks natural when you use it on a notebook, pink and yellow stands out on the desk.

The sheets are attached to cardboard so it’s easy to tear and store.

On the back side are illustrations of how to use.

The blow image shows a woman holding the product, it might help you to imagine the actual size.

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